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10 TOP FREESTYLE SONGS OF july 2020 The Countdown Showdown Mix is compiled by Freestyle Deejays who have been Billboard Reporters and Club Deejays. These are working Deejays that have been mixing Freestyle and other genres for decades. We ask each DJ for their personal Top Ten to formulate The Countdown Showdown's Monthy Top Ten Mix. This Month's Countdown Showdown is mixed by Legendary DJs, Editors, and Producers, The Santana Twins. ==| TOP TEN SONGS IN FREESTYLE |== 1.) You Should Have Told Me by George Anthony 2.) No Reason To Cry by Mia 3.) Dedicate My Love by Willie Valentin 4.) Into The Night by Diddle D 5.) Forever by Shy 6.) Don’t Call It Love by FFOF 7.) Spread Your Wings by Quadlibet 8.) Apology I.O.U. by Luis Marte 9.) All These Memories by Chrissy I Ecee 10.) All The Way by George Anthony ==| STILL IN THE MIX |== 11.) God Only Knows by Sharen Maceren 12.) My Reason Why by Elvira Miglino 13.) (Be) My Summer Love by Touch Of Quality 14.) Willing To Take A Chance by Nelson Rego 15.) Love Desire by Chrissy I Ecee 16.) Black and White by Pure Pleasure (Artistik Mix) 17.) I've Changed by Anthony Acosta 18.) This Is Life by Jesse B 19.) The Way That You Love Me by TST feat. Adelis 20.) Breath Away by Jae Mazor ==| BREAKOUT SONGS |== 21.) Fatal by Vizon 22.) Scars by Jenaro 23.) Is This Love by Angel Mena 24.) Him or Me by Nelson Rigo 25.) Hearts on Fire by Fabian 26.) Never End by Julio Mena 27.) IDK by Raul Soto & Alisha B 28.) Lost Within Our Souls by Solo Featuring Unique Latina 29.) Born To Love by Jae Mazor

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