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Twilight Eclipse!

One of the worst movies of my life, the only reason i was able to finish of this movie was because of my girl , she was holding me tite and not letting me go in the cinema or else i wouldve walked off in the middle of the movie


Captain Casual
Staff member
Freestyle.FM Dee Jays
LOL @ the worst movies of my life.

I feel for you guys that have to sit through all those types of movies. I'm sooooooooo glad my girl isn't into these types of movies like Twilight or Sexy In The City.


Freakalicious Freestyler
hey i love these movies...i gotta admit its the teen girl in me but dangit! i dont make fun of u men for watching crap :mad: like fake ass wrestling


OMG! I just watched Eclipse on Sunday.. rented on PPV.. I LOVED.. Sorry by I'll take Jacob over Edward any day! Can we say HOT?! LOL:p