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VIRTUAL DJ PRO 7 & 99 Decks


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VIRTUAL DJ PRO 7 has been released !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and can now mix 99 Decks

And UNLIMMITED HOT CUES PER TRACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:eyebrow:

" Got 99 problems but turntable ain't One "" hahahaha

DIE.... VINYL..... DIEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:p


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I am going to get Custom "silkmat" slipmats That Say "DIE Vinyl DIE"

hahhahahaha :shifty:

:eek::eek::p:rolleyes::D with like a shatering record desighn behind it !!!!!!!!hahahhahhahahhheheheheh
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so, Got it last night !!!!

Its pretty PIMP but I have to get used to the config for the rmx its a little different.

it has the mapping for 4 decks (anymore than that and you have to custom mapp)

Man its fun !!!!

SAmple banks are sweeeeett !!!! U Can loop the sample , volume control

more clicking than I preffer but once I get the RMX to togle the 4 decks that will be NICE ( there is no instructions / no tutorials )

it can be done ,I just need to figure it out , BUT last night The RMX rocked Deck 1/2 and the lappy controled 2/3 but VDJ can lock the cross fader two two linked decks (which ever combination you choose)

No reguired propietary hard ware
MiDi / USB assighnable
ready for time code
ready for video mixing
Mad effects
sync with ableton Live (from what I read)
Record config
Broadcast stream Config
additional Decks
sample bank / clip launch ready

ALL for NO extra $$$ or no extra hardware

SO will I be mixing that many tracks ???Not yet really

However ...You can have

---a Looped sample and cue four songs not to play at once but cued up in sequence

-- two instrumenntals & bring in two vocals

---two mashups live /// that mix together Live

--- Have your mix on two decks will u have a two different scratch trcks on the other two decks

these are not as difficult as mixing and beat matching four sounds (which is something I may never pull off smoothly )

but they do allow for more time and prep of an Idea and that you want to try but get rushed with out additional decks

PS I am NOT a DJ I just do it for fun.

but I am an aspiring MC -"MUSIC CONTROLLER"


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The RMX (my controler) already came with a version of VDJ but it would only work when the rmx was pluged in

but if you own a version they will let you Upgrade at a discount

So I bought it :cool: but a a discount


Captain Casual
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post up some pics of your new setup, I'm curious to see what it looks like.


Captain Casual
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You look a bit younger than I remembered. ;)


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hahahaa Yeah

So heres what i have to date :

sansuei vintage amp/reciever
Herc RMX
Virtual DJ Pro 7
Pioneer Direct drive TT ( But it has rotary pitch ) also vintage from 80's
Teak 4 Channel Mixer also vintage 80's
Samson M3 powered monitors
some 8's and two tower twelves ( also vintage ) but I did just get some sony 8eights that I havnt tried out yet )
Labtek ears
technicalPro Mic

SO its a frankentein GHETTO ROCKSTARR Rig but it didnt cost me that much and it can do everything !!! a 3k set up + can do !!:eek:
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