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Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

I wanted to like this movie. It was written by Judd Apatow (40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up). It's a parody of Ray and Walk the Line. It spoofs 50 years of rock history, with Jack White as Elvis & Jack Black as Paul McCartney (believe it or not, White is better). Anyway I really wanted to like it. It just wasn't that good.

John C. Reilly, so good as the herb in Chicago, is less engaging as a leading man. He can't seem to decide on a personality (or is that part of the joke?). Likewise, the songs are not good enough to be good & not bad enough to be funny. The Dylan parody is on target, & there is one funny bit where Dewey's guitarist is trying to steer him away from reefer, but they can't think of any downside LMAO

But overall, Walk Hard is like a long -reeeally long- Saturday Night Live skit.

** (2 stars out of 4)
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My Cousin Told Me He Loved This Movie. Said It Was Real Funny But You Have To See Those Other Movies To Get All The Jokes But I Didnt See Them So I Wont Be Seeing This Movie Myself. Thanks For The Review Rb.


Your review makes me wonder if I should risk spending my hard earned pennies to see this or just wait for it to come out on video.

Decisions, decisions.