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Who's your favorite Dance Music DJ's


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Freestyle.FM Dee Jays
My #1 favorite dj is Steve Lawler.
Then a close 2nd is Deep Dish.

The top two are the best for me, after that I also like Tenaglia, Nick Warren, Herman Catteneo, Danny Howells, James Lauer, Lee Burridge, Sandy Kleinberg, and Steve Vivant.

I kinda grew outta Trance, but I still listen to Christpher Lawrence, Dave Seaman, Sasha, and Digweed. If you like Trance, check out Christopher Lawerence's CD called Trilogy off the Moonshine Label or United States of Trance...sick shit, not that merrygo round Trance hits USA bullshit, I'm talking straight in your face insane sounds that will make you melt when your listening to it. At the time Lawrence was my #1....but I am more into house music now.

I liked Oakie years ago, but he got too commercial for me....He did do a sick remix of Planet Rock off the Swordfish Soundtrack...I have it on wax, there's 3 versions, pretty cool.
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Freestyle.FM Dee Jays
To me my favorite DJs would be DJ AM because of his cross-genre style which some people call " Hollywood mixing" and when it comes to turntablism of course I liked all the members from " The allies" like Craze. I never really liked Trance so couldn't really appreciate what the DJ's did. Old school DJ's would be Jammaster Jay.