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X Men Origins: Wolverine


There were many reports that X Men Origins: Wolverine was leaked out on purpose.

Allegedly it was the special effects division that leaked the bootleg copy out; After watching the special effects of this movie I can see why they wanted to sabotage it.

Woverine wasn't a total disapointment but it wasn't as good as I thought it would be either; The special effects had everything to do with it.

The special effects were typical and at times sloppy.
The conclusion of the helicopter vs motorcycle scene was very Sci-Fi movie of the week like. Having Wolverine walk away as the helicopter exploded in the backround and not one hair move on his head was ridiculous. Not to add that the whole screen was in flames and he looked pasted on to the front of it.

We then move on to the Deadpool vs Wolverine vs Sabertooth fight which looked like video game scene taken from Mortal Kombat as you try to beat the head boss who keeps disapearing. And I mean the original video game from Sega.

The effects for this scene looked so cheap that at one point you could see the tight rope holding on to Wolverine (This is the part were he almost falls off the top of the circular tower while fighting Deadpool)

But the most ridiculous and cheezy special effects portion of the movie comes in the end. When the Mutants are rescued by Professor X.; And no its not that they made the Prof look young.

When the mutants are running towards the Air Wolf looking helicopter and they shrink as they are running towards the aircraft not only did the effects look like something taken from USA's now cancelled series, The 4400 but it was a moment were we all looked at each other and asked ourselves what the hell happened to this movie?

They even borrowed a very similar scene from Superman as Wolverine looks like he ended up in Smallville at the Kent farm.

The characters were truly under developed as well.

Dead Pool had many changes made to him (from the comics) and some of the characters like Bolt (Lost's Dominic Monahan) were pointless.

Hugh Jackman and Liev Shrieber really carried this movie.
Sabertooth was amazing and believeable. He was written very well and Shrieber did the character some justice. He was the best part of the movie.

Jackman was solid as Wolverine and made the character fun to watch.

The story was good enough to keep you interested in the movie but the effects really hurt this movie.
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Freestyle.FM Dee Jays
Freestyle.FM Dee Jays
Did you watch the theatrical release of the leaked release? I heard the leaked release wasn't finished and was supposed to look much diff than the theatrical version.


I went to the theater to see Wolverine with my brothers; My review is based on a combination of our 3 views.

Maybe they played the bootleg of the movie and thats the reason why the special effects suck.


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Yeah, I also watched this movie and at times it seemed like certain parts were weird, like it was computerized...Very strange...I thought it was good...


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i liked it the only thing i didnt like about it was it was off.... wolverine and sabertooth were never brothers ... i dont like when they take comics and dont put how it really happend in the comics but other than that it was a good movie