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I'm sorry Jose but my loyalty is to RAF. If you like I can help you manage LF as we discussed in the recent past but i will also be an Admin at Raf's new site.

You can find me here. I will take no part in the online atrocity WCM will become under the new "regime".

See you at the new home for music and entertainment.

It's a new day.


Freestyler Xtreme
first...who are the owners of LF and WCM...

two...IF the site was sold somehow...(im assuming it has not)..the new owners would have said something by now instead of alienating the members...

3...if this was an april fools joke...its april 3rd and the joke is over...we were fooled...hahaha...now back to life...

4...if CPR owns LF and half of WCM...one would be inclined to believe that WCM will not get as much attention..and therefore the NEW owners (whoever they are) would have more control of the site...(this is all assuming RAF did sell his piece)

5...i saw the new board and it would be really annoying...to me..and everyone else...to get up and start ALL OVER...(yet again)...in that case...i would be inclined to stop posting at ALL message boards period...

and last point...i like it here...most of the members like it here..and i would suggest that all members continue posting as is until some sort of resolution comes about...

if i have to continue to read about who sold what to who after today...i will be seriously inclined to bring my efforts elsewhere..because simply....joke or not...im tired of it...
[b said:
Quote[/b] ]Soon youll see CPR's LF Colors on here. I will be blending both site together. When you go to our Latin Freestyle section...It WILL be CPR's LF!

heh diablo dont tell me is gonna be like a rainbow brite type of thing


Freestyler Xtreme
Put it this way. Rafa did most of all of the work in here at this great place and to be honest werent we talking about LF not to long ago saying that we hate it and there is no reason for us to be in there? Exactly what Culo pointed out that if there was already an owner of the new LF then it should already be stepping up the plate and wondering who bought half of Rafa's piece of WCM. I dont know about you all but im not feeling the issue of what is going on here and I have always been behind Rafael through this time and will always be behind him no matter what happends. If there is no Rafa then what else is there? And for what Pete says and I agree my loyality is with Rafael I'll see you guys at the new board. Either you guys with it or you dont you decide...
fuck that shit im stayin here what i cant say probably over there i can say it here i know ya guys know wassup so to avoid all the bitchyness im just gonna chill with the crew
Since there's only one original admin left and he's on his way to LF (or not), and since we mods have been kept in the dark, no point in posting in the mod section.

I agree with all of what Pedro said. If this is a joke designed to provoke, at this point it's just pushing the members and mods away. Right now nobody's in the mood for jokes, mysteries, or hype about the new this or that. We just wanna know WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON.

In the online community, I really don't like change. I'm comfy here. I clicked on the link and I was like okay, a BOARD. They're all the same. It's the content and variety of forums and the people which separates WCM from the dumberer LF and lonely, psychotic NHB.

Raf I have no way of knowing what's going on with you. This isn't like you; you've been great to work with and a great friend so I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt and awaiting some fabulous explanation...

Pete I don't know what you've got cooking but if you wanna be admin again here on the site you made which captured our imagination and still keeps us busy, I for one would be honored as a mod to defer to you.

Jose please be straightforward with us; maybe you're buying LF, maybe not, fine, whatever. What are your intentions HERE?

I want to stay here and make WCM work, the way it has for two years. I don't see any reason for anyone to ruin a good thing.
tryin to have some patiences here


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tick tock tick tock........ RINGGGG!!!!!!

Time's up!!

The deadline has arrived, and no word on the new onwer(s) of Rafa's stake at Whatchamissin.com. Whoever you are, you decided to the sounds of silence as a way to respond. However, I am afraid that will not cut it for the 500 plus members of this online community.

I am very dissappointed at your way to face the membership of the site, while (probably) banning the one who sold you his part, who is one of the founding fathers of this site. What a shame! I hope you are enjoying this, because you may not have an online community to deal with as soon as tomorrow. Are you going to FUCKING TALK? do you guys think this is funny? Well, I don't think so!!

CPR, if you really know the identity of these new owners, Reveal their names NOW!!!! We're going in a manhunt to find them and force them to explain their actions and silence, which is not GOLDEN at this given time. this has gone way too far.

to the current mods: If you guys want to suspend or ban me for my demands, do so if you really think I had this coming.


WCM Ol'School Freestyler
you know what this is bullshit... since this happen on the first it looses SOME credibility... if this is all true.. this is some fucked up shit... and if its a joke.. you can tell its not funny no more... and won't be funny when you reveal it is.... frankly all shit shit is kinda pissing me off because everyone is still kinda in the dark about everything....


WCM Ol'School Freestyler
shadow... no offence im upset and as lost are you are but you threating them knowing you can't really do nothing is just making them laugh.. fuck it man..


WCM Ol'School Freestyler
A lil off topic.. but FUCK CF and FUCK NHB.. you swear like we dont know you talking shit about us... and just to let you know WE DONT GIVE A FUCK! Ya'll got a shitty site's anyways.
LMAO ahahahaha


Freestyler Xtreme
sounds like a civil war to me....get in touch w/me when it's all over and brighter days arrive. (love u all, muah) PEACE!


[b said:
Quote[/b] (Romeo @ April 03 2005, 6:31 pm)]A lil off topic.. but FUCK CF and FUCK NHB.. you swear like we dont know you talking shit about us... and just to let you know WE DONT GIVE A FUCK! Ya'll got a shitty site's anyways.
 LMAO ahahahaha
Bahahahahahaha you tell em Romeo!

And don't forget the rest of em!


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Yes the rumors are true I have sold the site for a mixed Freestyle CD and a case of White Castle burgers, so it's with a heavy heart and a full stomach that I say ...

Happy WCM’s April Fool’s/Changing of the Clocks Weekend Extravaganza!

But by the looks of things apparently we did too good of a job!  

Please forgive me and accept my apology for the confusion. But I honestly thought I left plenty of clues for you to pick up on, so I myself am confused as to why everyone would run with the worse possible scenario?

Anyway I hope you all can look back at this and have a good laugh once the shock wears off. Now if someone can please help me get Shadow of the ledge I would really appreciate it.

PS Blame Pete its all his fault.